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Places of interest

You will find yourself in the heart of Padua, in Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour just a few meters from the famous Caffè Pedrocchi, a meeting point in the 19th century for students and intellectuals who developed revolutionary ideas for an independent Italy. A few hundred meters on foot you can admire the Scrovegni Chapel, the first of the main attractions of Padua, with the famous cycle of frescoes by Giotto and the Eremitani Civic Museums. Nearby is also Palazzo Bò, the ancient University of Padua where Galileo Galilei and the Palazzo della Ragione also taught, they are and will remain emblems of Padua. Piazza dei Signori and the Duomo, Piazza delle Erbe and Frutta, authentic jewels of the city will give you unforgettable morning and evening walks, among the lights of the many crowded bars in the city. The Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe, the huge Basilica of Santa Giustina, which houses the tombs of Santa Giustina, the Basilica of Sant'Antonio and the Botanical Gardens, are some of the most beautiful and wonderful works to visit . Nearby, the Euganean Hills will offer suggestive walks for nature lovers for an adventure on foot or by bicycle that you will not forget ...
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